Sarah Griffiths – Wheelie Momma [ICW 02]

Sarah Griffiths – Wheelie Momma

In Conversation with Sarah Griffiths – Wheelie Momma

I had a wonderful opportunity to have a conversation with the one the only Sarah Griffiths AKA ‘Wheelie momma’

We talked about the chaos in life, ‘the background noise’ and how retreating inwards, being quiet and hearing more clearly for the first time her internal world that the chaos eased and peace was restored

We talked about simply being you, living life. Sarah spoke about doing seemingly impossible things and what she has found – its more about doing impossible things that are joyous and rewarding that is more fulfilling and makes life worth living, we touched on miscarriage, her well-known wheelie momma blog and her new children’s book ‘my mum is a superhero’ and of course childbirth while living with cerebral palsy

Sarah runs regular mastery in motion workshops and talks to various groups across the country, Sarah is quite active on her facebook page Instagram and her website where she can be contacted through, her wheelie momma blog can be viewed there as well as dates of her upcoming events and talks

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen in to the conversation, We hope you enjoyed it, you might have someone in your mind who you’d think would enjoy listening to this too, if so, please share it with them

More about Sarah

Sarah Griffiths is a divine creator and magic seeker. She coaches and facilitates others to reframe their beliefs, uncover their own mastery, unlock their limitless potential and create a reality that lights them up.

Sarah is better known to many as Wheelie Momma blogger. Sarah has cerebral palsy since birth which means she uses a wheelchair, something which she actively fought against most of childhood and teenage years. This steely determination served her well and saw her graduate from university, pass her driving test, buy a house, do 2 skydives, travel, get married and have 2 amazing children.

Her journey of awakening really began during her first pregnancy when she discovered bioenergy healing and meditation to help deal with chronic pregnancy sickness. This was the turning point when Sarah realised her body and mind’s true power and ability to heal itself. She also realised that while we can’t always consciously control what happens in life, we always have the gift of being able to choose how we react to it. Fast forward 3 years and Sarah has cured herself of a debilitating back condition and fully embraced her “Wheelie Momma” self to encourage others to reach for the stars regardless of any perceived limitations through her empowerment coaching programme “Mastery in Motion”

She’s now a sought after motivational speaker, she has an online magazine Wheelie Momma Life, is a Gentlebirth antenatal instructor and a published author with her first children’s book “My Mum’s A Superhero” while also working on her autobiography “Keepin’ it Wheel” Sarah is also highly intuitive and uses this gift alongside her empowerment coaching programme to open other’s hearts and minds to their own divinity, perfection and limitless potential

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